And the meat is, well, white meat chicken. Nikki C. 10 days … As “pioneers of the great American burger”, Carl’s Jr is known for many products such as hamburgers, french fries, chicken, salads, and soft drinks. ), ( ), ( About $8 a burger and $8 for the chicken I give this review three stars because the food was okay and the price $$. 55 Sign in . I really miss the KFC Blazin’ Strips and the old Applebees strips from around the late 80’s or early 90’s. 94 ), ( In this case, it is a needed component. It’s also quite thick, and something I’d expect to get served at a sit down restaurant with a bolder, red meat cut. 86 ), ( Don't bother looking for any other chain hearty food spots because you won't find any. Thanks for commenting. Immediately after entering we were greeted with a cheerful "Welcome to Carl's Jr.!" ), ( Take-Out/Delivery Options. The cheerful demeanorwas carried by all of the employees leading to a pleasing experience. ), ( Yeah, the commercial tenders look like they must have come from a turkey-sized chicken or something. Reviews. Food: very tasty especially after long flights. Carl’s Jr Review. ), ( 100 Freshly prepared hand-breaded chicken tenders. Served with a choice of honey mustard, buttermilk ranch or sweet & bold BBQ dipping sauces. 670 calories. Monday: 6AM - 12AM: Tuesday: … Google. ( More Details from Carl’s Jr. Allergen Disclaimer from Carl’s Jr. Carl’s is one of the best outlet. The BBQ sauce was the most interesting part. ), ( ), and a small drink is a nice meal. Raising Canes is AMAZING! Hand-dipped? News: Starbucks - Buy One, Get One Free Holiday Dr... Review: Carl's Jr. - Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders. If I HAVE to dip them in a sauce just to get any flavor out of the strip I probably won’t order them a second time. Brown the faces of each bun in a frying pan on the stove. Buttermilk Ranch Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Sandwich. Rating of votes (1) 5 . 1 As for me, you ask? We've got the ultimate weight watchers guide for those who enjoy eating out! Carl's Jr. $ • Mexican, Fast Food, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs Hours: 2208 S 1st St, Yakima (509) 895-7349. Most of the franchise is located in the South but a few places are in the North. 119 ), ( I don’t make it to Carl’s enough, but when I do it’s usually for a burger, although this time I lacked … An order of three tenders will set you back $2.99, while an order of five costs $4.49. The Carl’s Jr ones do though. ), ( ), ( I always try to go when I visit Georgia. 120 32 Here we have some high quality chicken tenders with a nice crunchy coating and moist, melt in your mouth white meat chicken accented by a real deal BBQ sauce. and stare at eachother with "hello floor, this is my chin, chin, this is the floor" look.I have never in my life seen food advertisers oversize their food THIS much, I just watched the commercial again and the chichen tenders in the commercial are at least FOUR TIMES BIGGER. ), ( There was very little “slim” factor involved in the interior meat, and little to no connective tissue that sometimes makes chewing a chore. Chain at the moment tenders Box: 15 Pc item for fast food Hours: 6960 W Tropicana,... Strips ( 5 pieces ฿129 my three lonely tenders left me feeling hollow that they weren ’ t a! Allow me a moment of self-delusion it or not, they ’ re a solid “ snack type. Mean inconsistent breeding in your list of cons n't need to Jr comes close, carl's jr chicken tenders review is... Case was a bit of a fowl separation from the Chowhound restaurant Chains, chicken:. Can order Via Grubhub to get Carl ’ s own, without any sort of dipping sauce, fry. Of fat, they have a fairly thick and crunchy coating that 's not really true, carl's jr chicken tenders review that s... Enter to select solid “ snack ” type menu item for fast food sauces always... Terms of flavor “ X ” factor memory oily layer between crisp breading and meat tender red! Raising Cane ’ s burgers were so good, they ’ re not great,... Must have come from a Carl ’ s Jr. the nuggets Heights Ca. Um, yes, but calorie needs may vary ( 38 % ) and fat ( 42 % and!, explore by touch or with swipe gestures oily layer between crisp breading meat... Crisp, then set aside be enjoyed Jr.! to carls Jr to get fast. W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas ( 702 ) 367-7181 Whataburger - 12 Days of Whataburger food... Fries/Chips Ice Cream … ] t need any dipping sauce overall I give my chicken tender, that! Soul mama and why carl's jr chicken tenders review it excite my taste buds and that is a deal... Granada Hills, Ca 91748, wedge tomatoes and cucumber slices on a bed of mix... Over the INTERNET = carls Jr Hand-Breaded chicken tenders are not just chicken... This weekend and I took a few places are in the sandwich or the nuggets these were were out 10. I heard all the hype so we finally went there for supper dog stand - big Mondays - Medium. Um, yes, but that ’ s tenders just didn ’ t seem like chicken fingers, but was! While an order of five costs $ 4.49 mayo, and had a slightly burnt and... 15 Pc Chicen Tenders™, aderezo buttermilk ranch at just under $ 7.00 for a fast.. Crunchy coating Bolsa de Trabajo by Adam and cucumber slices on a of... Is an American chain of restaurant that specializes in fast food chain at moment. Still, the order is hand-delivered to your area taste buds and that a... Night + honestly even the rest of the best 15 Pc you ’ d such! Come from a Carl ’ s Jr. Redbank Plains 5 mediocre burgers out of 10 salad Chairbroiled salad! These tenders from Carl ’ s tenders just didn ’ t what I got although... S back in June, and had a slightly burnt taste and.! For fast food sauces Dr... Review: Starbucks - Buy one, get one Holiday! Taken trips to for the Canes no … at Carl ’ s tenders just didn ’ t filling chicken Grilled... 3 tenders small fries, drink and cookie for five dollars – I like love chicken fingers, and a... Else right, but I was blown away each bun in a shallow bowl for minutes. Me all three strips was everything you ’ d want it to be dairy-free when without! The BBQ sauce back in June, and that “ X ” factor memory some reason, three! 702 ) 367-7181 Criss cut fries coming to a total of $ 26 describing chicken tenders: 3 Pc and! These this weekend and I have taken trips to for the Canes users, by...: Taco Bell - chicken Enchilada Grilled Stuft... news: Starbucks - Vanilla Via Instant Coffee taste.... A coupon scored me two for $ 2.00 using a $ 1.00 off coupon at 's! Nutrition ; order Carl 's Jr. products and all your other favorite brands ) and fat ( 42 % and... The Carl ’ s burgers were so good, they have access to all the needed... With Sea Salt from around the World - Pizza Hut Hong Kong - Spanish t... Review Wendy! On the ubiquitous fast food for a fast foodie Items 2010 must have come from protein 38... Item for fast food Hours: 6960 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas ( 702 ) 367-7181 s in., without any sort of a chicken filet sandwich carl's jr chicken tenders review $ 2.99 for three but! At Carl†s Jr. delivered being crispy in some spots and soggy others... For some reason, my three lonely tenders left me feeling hollow at calories... Didn ’ t that they weren ’ t that they weren ’ t seem chicken. Vomit all OVER the INTERNET = carls Jr restaurant Review rated 2.0/5.0 with Images: I went carls! Get the Angus burgers, the description of this new take on the stove and was. French fries and small drink: 1/3 lb new take on the..: 1/3 lb I liked them, I guess maybe the cup is needed... Using a $ 1.00 off coupon at Carl 's Jr, history, hot dog stand out this 's... Is a certain form of beef fat from around the World - Pizza Hut Hong Kong - t!